How Naughty Can I Be? Wood Christmas Sign! Cheeky Christmas Sign to add to Christmas scenes on mantels, tables and on your wall! Makes a unique and fun Hostess gift for all of those Holiday Events. Shown in Red with GLITTER! You can add Glitter to any color!!

• Approximately 12"x12"
• Hand made in the USA
• 100% Solid Pine
• Carved Designs create depth for added character and charm. People love to touch our signs!
• Hanging Device: Carved Keyhole
• Matte Clear Coat
• Visit our website for additional products www.artiswood.com

Elegant and Unique CARVED Wall Art. Our signs are carved in 100% solid pine or aspen and hand stained or painted for added character and charm. No decals or vinyl lettering. Hand made in the USA. All signs come with a carved keyhole for easy hanging. Each piece of wood has unique charm and characteristics (knots, grain, color variation, etc.) so may not be exactly as shown in the picture.

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