Personalized RUSTIC Beer Sign for your Man Cave, Bar, Tavern, Brewery, Game Room! Make a statement with this substantial sign which packs a big punch on your wall. These signs make awesome one-of-a-kind, personalized gifts for Father's Day, Birthdays and Christmas! Pictured in Espresso with Distressing. Photo 5 is our three most popular stains - Walnut on left, Rosewood in the middle and Espresso on the right.

NOTE: These signs have grooves which are carved out of approx. 1 inch thick, 100% Solid Pine for the appearance of a rustic wine/whiskey barrel and much more stable than thin boards glued together. Multiple steps are required to create this unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Please include a note to the seller.
1) We need your last name. We need to know If you would like an 's, such at Miller's vs. Miller. Also, we have discovered that some people want the "The" before the name and some do not (The Miller's vs. Miller's) so please type in exactly how you would like that top line to read. The top line will go where "The Jackson's" is currently located in the photo.
2) Include an Established Date or say "No Est. Date" if you want it left off.

ALSO! You can change the word "Tavern" to anything of similar length such as "Tap Room" "Bar Room" "Brew House" "Man Cave" "Pool Hall" "Pub Room" "Ale House" "Dive Bar" "Roadhouse" "Saloon" "Speakeasy" "Watering Hole" "Bar and Grill" "Pub and Grill" etc. Have fun with it! :-)

If you have any questions, just ask. We are happy to quickly communicate and want you to get your sign exactly the way you would like it! Thanks so much!!

• Approximately 24”x24" or 18"x18"
• Hand made in the USA
• 100% Solid Pine
• Carved Designs
• Hanging Device: Carved Keyhole
• Matte Clear Coat
• Visit our website for additional products www.artiswood.com

All of our large signs are a flat rate shipping of $10.00 and all other signs are a flat rate shipping of only $5.00! This is a Large Sign.

Elegant and Unique CARVED Wall Art. Our signs are carved in 100% solid pine and hand stained or painted. No decals or vinyl lettering. Hand made in the USA. All signs come with a carved keyhole for easy hanging. Large size for big impact on any wall. Each piece of wood has unique charm and characteristics (knots, grain, color variation, etc.) so may not be exactly as shown in the picture. Great Statement Piece! Makes for a great, unique gift!

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