Personalized Beach Tiki Pool Lake Sign for your home bar! Make a statement with this substantial sign which packs a big punch on your wall. These signs make awesome one-of-a-kind, personalized gifts for Birthdays, Wedding Gift, Christmas Gift!

Pictured in Teal, Blue, Dark Gray-Blue, Walnut and another Dark Gray-Blue. 


1) Top Line: First and/or Last Name. Please be specific if you want the s or 's such as Robinson vs. Robinson's. Some people want "The" before the name. The Robinson's. Type exactly how you want the top line to read. 

2) "Tiki Bar" can be replaced with "Beach Bar" "Beach House" "Pool Bar" "Pool House" "Lake Bar" "Lake House" or anything you want that will fit in the space.

***We also have a Wine glass, a Margarita glass and a Hurricane glass if you prefer that over the martini glass - just let us know in the note***

3) Include an Established Date or specify "No Date" if you want it left off.

4) Bottom Line: City, State. Be specific on if you want the State spelled out or abbreviated. If you would like something other than city, state let us know. "Just One More" "Paradise" or anything of similar length. Just type in exactly how you want it to read. (That font on the bottom is all caps and the space is pretty small.) If you want a longer phrase we can wrap it under the waves.

IMPORTANT - OUTDOOR USE: Our signs are sprayed with a high quality clear coat (General Finishes) but they are not protected enough for outdoor use. We recommend spraying it with Spar Varnish (used on boats) on both sides to fully seal it once you get it home if you want to hang your sign outdoors. Hanging it under a covered area will still expose it to humidity and temperature changes which can crack and warp the wood. Any exposure to these elements needs additional protection, even a screened in patio, etc.

• Approximately 24”x 24" OR 18"x 18" 
• Hand made in the USA
• 100% Solid Pine
• Carved Designs
• Hanging Device: Carved Keyhole
• Clear Coat
• Visit our website for additional products www.artiswood.com

All of our large signs are a flat rate shipping of $10.00 and all other signs are a flat rate shipping of only $5.00! This is a Large Sign.

Elegant and Unique CARVED Wall Art. Our signs are carved in 100% solid pine and are hand stained or painted. No decals or vinyl lettering. Personalize it however you would like!
Each piece of wood has unique charm and characteristics (knots, grain, color variation, etc.) so may not be exactly as

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